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Personal & Corporate Gifts

This is Why We All "LUV NUTS ON CLARK" for All Occasions!


For Groups

"NUTS ON CLARK"  Gourmet POPCORN, CARAMELCORN & CHEESECORN are included for all parties for business and social get toegethers. The guests LUV to eat these gorgeous whole grain, no gluten popped kernels while getting to know each other while admiring the "NUTS ON CLARK" products.


For Comfort

After a hectic day, "NUTS ON CLARK" huge, no gluten, whole grain popped kernels is as comfortable as your favorite pillow for relaxing.


All Day & All Night is the Right Time

For starting the day, your "NUTS ON CLARK" truly grand, plain popped corn is perfect to mix in your dry cereal for a no gluten, whole grain taste adventure.