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Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifts Made Easy!

"NUTS ON CLARK" is your one-stop-shop for all your corporate gifting needs.  We've made it easy for you to upload your address book and shop for everyone on your list!!


Step 1:  Register/Login with “NUTS ON CLARK”



Step 2:  From “My Account,” go to “Address Book”



Step 3:  Download one of the Excel templates to fill in with your corporate gifting names/addresses



Step 4:  Fill in the Excel file with the names/addresses of those people you would like to send a corporate gift to



Step 5:  Once you are done filling out the Excel template, save it to your computer as a .xls or .xlsx file


Step 6:  Choose the file that you saved



Step 7:  Click on the “Upload File” button


Step 8:  If you have successfully uploaded your list, you will see a confirmation message and the names added to your address list



Step 9:  Now you are ready to shop!!


Step 10:  On the product page(s,) select the quantity you want to send to a name in your address book and then select the name from the “Ship To” drop-down menu



Step 11:  Repeat step 10 until you have added items to your cart for all of your intended corporate gifting recipients


If you have any questions, please call us at 773-549-6622 or fax us at 773-549-6164.

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