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Corporate Gifting

Corporate Gifts Made Easy!

"NUTS ON CLARK" is your one-stop-shop for all your corporate gifting needs.  We've made it easy for you to upload your address book and shop for everyone on your list!!

Before starting please read all the insturctions to avoid any order issues. 

To make your ordering experience better, when placing order shipping to multiple addresses  submit maximum 50 individual gifts per order. 

Please contact us if you have any technical issues with placing your order, and we will be able to assist you 773-549-6622

Step 1:  Register/Login with “NUTS ON CLARK” (make sure you are logged in while placing the order)



Step 2:  From “My Account,” go to “Address Book”



Step 3:  Download one of the Excel templates to fill in with your corporate gifting names/addresses



Step 4:  Fill in the Excel file with the names/addresses of those people you would like to send a corporate gift to


*Special characters like comma (,), period (.), semicolons (;) etc are not allowed in any of the names or in the address fields

* City name cannot be abbriviated (e.g. replaces St. Charles with Saint Charles) nor include apostrophes (e.g. replace O'Fallon with O Fallon)

Use find and replace option in excel to quickly correct your spread sheet. 



Step 5:  Once you are done filling out the Excel template, save it to your computer as a .xls or .xlsx file


Step 6:  Choose the file that you saved



Step 7:  Click on the “Upload File” button


Step 8:  If you have successfully uploaded your list, you will see a confirmation message and the names added to your address list



Step 9:  Now you are ready to shop!!


Step 10:  On the product page(s,) select the quantity you want to send to a name in your address book and then select the name from the “Ship To” drop-down menu (make sure you are logged in while adding the gifts to the cart)



Step 11:  Repeat step 10 until you have added items to your cart for all of your intended corporate gifting recipients


Step 12: Next Go to "Your Bag"



Step 13: VERY IMPORTANT !!! "Save Your Order"



Step 14: Go back to "Your Bag" and proceed with checkout.


If you have any questions, please call us at 773-549-6622 or fax us at 773-549-6164.

3830 N Clark St, Chicago IL 60613 | 773-549-6622