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These are ACTUAL "NUTS ON CLARK" CUSTOMER COMMENTS.  This list of spontaneous testimonials of "NUTS ON CLARK" customer satisfaction for our quality Products and Services continues to prevail for over 33 years.

All corn products are made ONLY with our Signature Mushroom corn kernels, grown especially for "NUTS ON CLARK."

The 100% Mushroom kernels are contracted from the grower, to be popped fresh for you in "NUTS ON CLARK" customer designed kettles at all "NUTS ON CLARK" lcoaitons.

Our customers are tasting luxurious popcorn with elegant texture, when they express their joy and Love of "NUTS ON CLARK."

A well-know leader of the popcorn industry wrote the following comments when he attempted to duplicate the original "NTUS ON CLARK" RECIPES:

  • The key selling point is the difference int he "NUTS ON CLARK" product and the competitive products on the market.
  • "NUTS ON CLARK" products use real cheese at twice the level of competing brands that use dried cheese powders with many added ingredients to help dry the cheese and keep is so it will flow, as opposed to lumping up."
  • "The user of cheese powder at the levels most manufacturers use would be approximately 75% less expensive but does not compare in taste.
  • "NUTS ON CLARK" Caramelcorn has a large amount of Grade A butter added, and a large number of the competing products use very little butter (if any) and some jsut substitute  liquid butter flavor.
  • "NUTS ON CLARK" Kettel Corn has a greater level of oil and sugar than the leading brands and therefore is more expensive to produce, but also much more flavorful.

"I ordered your cheese, caramel and kettle popcorn, received it yesterday and wanted to let you know how delicious it is!!! I love it and can't stop eating it. I will definitely order from you in the future and will refere you to all of my friends, family and coworkers who love popcorn also!"

R.R., Texas

"Awesome as always!"

A.P., Texas

"I traveled all the way from California to try this popcorn and - so amazing!"

O.C., California

"We came from St. Louis for the great popcorn!! Yummy."

K.V., Missouri

"Good service… great products. Keep up the excellent work. Love the store."

R.C., New York

"Love your popcorn and everything… have been coming here for 30 years."

M.G., Illinois

"Been here before! Came back from Florida to get more."

P.K., Florida

"Good customer service and the best caramelcorn in the world."

S.D., Illinois

"Very organized and friendly! And delicious too!!"

R.V., Michigan

"First visit. Love this place."

A.K.B., Illinois

"Better than any other caramelcorn."

E.B., Illinois

"Love it, love it, love it!!! It's a great store, the caramelcorn's worth the trip from the south side of Chicago."

M.R., Illinois

"Great place - great gifts too!"

L.B., Arizona

"#1 place I wanted to see in Chicago. Great store. Will be ordering online, too."

A.P., Washington, D.C.

"Insanely delicious caramelcorn."

P.P., Michigan

"Awesome popcorn and great service."

J.S., Illinois

"Where have you been all my life? Glad I finally found you."

J.H., Indiana

"Love the caramelcorn and the other stuff is the best ever!"

J.S., New York

"You rock! Best popcorn ever."

T.D., Illinois

"Great!! Best popcorn I've ever eaten."

S.T., Louisiana

"World's most addictive caramelcorn."

B.J., Illinois

"Love this place… always get treats to take back home after the Cubs ballgame."

K.E., Michigan

"I come here just for your popcorn! You pop!"

M.C., New York

"I LOVE YOU! I wait all year for a return trip to see my beloved Cubs and a special trip to get the best caramelcorn & cheesecorn & nuts in the world!!!"

A.C., Colorado


R.M., Illinois

"Love Nuts on Clark"

B.B., Alabama


K.L., Illinois

"We love Nuts on Clark"

L.I., Florida

"Love this place"

G.P., Virginia

"Best ever"

C.H., Colordado


F.G., Illinois

"I love Nuts on Clark popcorn"

J.G., Rhode Island

"Love your cheesecorn! Yummo!"

R.L., Illinois

"Great place!!!"

L.T., Texas

"Love Nuts on Clark cheesecorn"

L.R., North Carolina

"Great!! Really great!! Great popcorn!!"

B.O., Indiana

"Love Love"

K.L., Wisconsin

"Amazing caramelcorn! Great service"

B.M., Illinois

"Love Nuts on Clark"

J.D., Arizona

"ATT!! Yummy!"

I.A., California

"Fabulous caramelcorn, delicious cheesecorn! Nothing better! Best place on earth!!"

D.W., South Carolina

"Awesome/I love Nuts on Clark"

A.H., Illinois

"Came all the way from Texas for the wonderful popcorn"

C.G., Texas

"When we get off the plane we run right to Nuts on Clark for caramelcorn & cheesecorn"

S.T., New York

"Oh my goodness! Awesome!!! Love this palce!!"

M.K., Illinois

"Best popcorn ever - by far!"

R.S., Illinois

"Came right here from Denver to get the world's best cheesecorn"

C.G., Illinois

"Amazing popcorn! I came from New Jersey to eat this popcorn! I love Nuts on Clark"

J.J., New York

"First time & not the last! Great place, great popcorn"

P.W., Illinois

"I had a blast shopping for fabulous gifts of popcorn"

R.S., Illinois

"Love your store, bought online had to see where all the wonderful stuff came from"

L.J., Michigan

"Caramelcorn to die for"

J.F., California

"Sooooooo delicious!! Love Nuts on Clark"

A.M., Illinois

"Best popcorn ever!! Nothing beats Nuts on Clark"

A.H., Wisconsin


L.H., Missouri

"Greatest corn stuff ever... We love Nuts on Clark, oh yeah"

A.L., California