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A Chicago Tradition


For 1/3 of a century, the owners of "NUTS ON CLARK" are proud to be known for treating our customers the way we like to be treated.

The succes of "NUTS ON CLARK" is not an accident, the owners work to please the public & patrons who expect a pleasant shopping experience.  Our customers deserve the best flavors, nutritious products and service.

The owners of "NUTS ON CLARK" work to have you enjoy the highest quality product for nutrition and satisfaction.

Congressman Mike Quigley chose the marvelous products of "NUTS ON CLARK" to bring back to Washington to serve at an event that he was hosting.

Congressman Mike Quigley won the wager when the CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS HOCKEY TEAM won the Stanley Cup.  Always thoughtful, Congressman Mike Quigley, sent selections from Chicago icon, "NUTS ON CLARK" as a "bit of sportsmanship" to the office of the loser Stephen Lunch, the losting team's Boston-area U.S. Rep.

Pictured left to right: Robert Kenney, Congressman Mike Quigley, Estelle Kenney, Herbert Kenney and Carla Kenney-Phillips.